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Pastoral Council


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Committee Chairs

Jim Fetchu

Luke Becker

John Gildee

Kathleen Pleasant

Michael Parsons

Mary Hellane

Evangelization Committee

Finance Committee

Fundraising Committee

Liturgy Committee

Social Justice Committee

Social Life Committee

Our Parish Council

Since 1972, St. Joseph Church has had an active Pastoral Council. The council provides a forum for discussion and consultation regarding parish life among the staff and parish­ioners. After reflecting upon and revising the parish mission statement when necessary, it establishes yearly goals for the parish.

Through a committee structure, it also monitors and adopts the annual budget and acts as steward for parish resources.

The council is made up of eight elected delegates, four appointed delegates, and the chairpersons of the five standing committees. The standing committees are Evangelization, Finance, Fundraising, Liturgy, Social Justice and Social Life.

Pastoral staff members are also members with voice, but without votes. The elected delegates are your representatives, and their names are available below, on the Sunday bulletin cover, or from the parish office. If you have concerns or questions about St. Joseph Par­ish, do not hesitate to contact them, as they need to hear from you. The council meets on the third Monday of the month from September through July.  Copies of Pastoral Council Minutes can be found here.

Dan Matonak

Jim Micco

Jim Fetchu

Melissa Noel

Joan Barr

Ben Forrest

Dave Gentile

Sara McLaughlin

Vicky McKenzie

Teresa Moats

Fred Nugent

Francisco Solano