We Pray In Hope that God’s healing power may touch those who are sick and we ask that you keep the following individuals in your prayers: 

Toni Abromavage, Connie Adenhart, Vicki Anderson, Rose Ann Armellei, Helen & Jack Armstrong, Austin Atherton, Maude Barr, Edmund Barthalos, Charles & Vicki Burry, Rosemary Byrne, Clarence & Genevieve Casper, Jack Casto, Janet Cavanaugh, John Coleman, Patricia Cross, Toni Crehan, Kaiden Crehan, Joyce Duckendorf, Joseph Flynn, Margaret Foreman, Julie Ferron, Brenda Furry, Mark Galloway, Janice Gann, Julia Garrott, Elizabeth Getz, Janet Giordano, Paul Goodrich, Barbara, Bob, and Ed Grebenstein, Veronica Grove, Hazel Hagan, Rodney Hiett, Helen Hose, Teresa Hykes, Jennifer Ivers, Ann M. Kane, Bonnie Kirby, Kenneth Kline, Lloyd & Bett Kline, Dorothy Komarinski, Vicky & Jack Lannon, Stephen Laubach, Lisa Lewis, Jacob Louvat, Beverly Luers, Tara Lyerly, Grace Mahoney, Paula Master, Amy Martin, Betsy & Jack Martin, Teresa Martin, Kevin McGinnity, Therese McKinney, Joann McLucas, Robert McCartney, Donald Mitchell, Larry Michaels, Roger & Carol Milihram, Maryann Miller, Tish Miller, Laura & Veronica Mitchell, Cindy Moats, Teresa Moats, Geralyn Mohn, Linda Newlin, Michael O'Rourke, Keegan Oursler, Chuck Payne, Dina Loi Guzman Perez and Michael Roeder, Alan Rickman, Besseye Rodgers, Jeannette Rutherford, Janet Rutkowski, Joe Rutkowski, Teresa Schafer, Mikki Sechkar, Rose Serpi, John Shank, Stacey Stine, Marilyn Stover, Jessica Stringer, Randy Stull, Margaret & Rudy Sturgill, Andrew John Summers, Tim Swain, Kenny Tackett, Tanya Tackett, Paula Tobin, Antoinette Wetzell, Nolan Wolfe.

Please also remember our military:

Nikolas Asaro, Dylynn Bartles, Jeremy Barton, Scott Bauknecht, Laura Cooper, US Army-Korea, Maxwell Donahue, John Fallon, Jennifer Ferenz, Michael Garrott, Christa Gaydos, Father Tom Gills, Nicholas Horton, Elizabeth Joslin, Ralph “Chip” Kershner, Jason Klug, Michael May, USAF, Cpl. Andrew Patterson Stf. Sgt., Timothy Records, USMC, Michael Smith, Christian Smith, US Army, Matt Suddith, Jeffrey Unsworth, and James Weyant, U.S. Army, Eric Wilfong.

May God, the creator of the world and protector of life, bless and keep them, today and for all time.

Our Prayer List

Mass Cards

Mass Cards are gifts of love and prayers to honor the life and love of a dear one through the celebration of the Holy Mass. They are a wonderful way to show your friendship to someone who is celebrating a birthday, anniversary, marriage, or going through a difficult time in their life, OR serving our country. Give the gift of prayer in times of joy and in times of suffering. The loving offering is $10. Cards may be obtained at the church office during office hours.

Prayer Requests

​​"Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God."
Philippians 4:6

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