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Social Justice Committee

The Social Justice Committee endeavors to educate the parish in the scriptural foundations of the call to justice, the teachings of Jesus concerning our responsibilities to work for justice and concrete ways in which we can begin to effect change. Contact Michael Parsons for more information. 

Micah's Backpack

St. Joseph's Church sponsors the Micah's Backpack Program at Lincolnshire Elementary.

The Micah’s Backpack program in Washington County follows a model established in Blacksburg, VA.  The program is designed to feed hungry students through a partnership between each elementary school and one or more churches/organizations in its community.  Brought to Washington County by Trinity Lutheran Church in 2010, the program now serves over 775 students in 28 elementary schools and involves partnerships with 45 churches and 2 private schools. Over 10,000 students in Washington County Public Schools receive free or reduced lunches and for many this lunch will be the last hot meal of the day. Each Friday afternoon identified elementary school children receive a bag or backpack of healthy food and snacks. On Monday each child returns the empty bag or backpack to the school to be restocked with food for the following Friday. The filled backpack may include the following individual serving-size items: cereal, oatmeal, juice, tuna, peanut butter, crackers, macaroni and cheese, soup, applesauce, fruit cups, spaghetti, ravioli, beef stew, canned vegetables, and other nutritious food.


St. Joseph's Parish raises money, donates, and volunteers at the REACH Cold Weather Shelter.

The REACH Shelter provides temporary shelter for people 18 and over who are homeless, can care for themselves and are not at risk to themselves or others.  The shelter is open from late October through the first Sunday in April and is operated and staffed primarily by volunteers from churches or organizations on a weekly basis. Hours of operation are 7pm to 7am Monday through Saturday and 3pm to 7am on Sundays. Hours may be extended during severe weather/cold. The Day Resource Center is open 9am to 1pm daily for those who need a place to stay warm.